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A belt is a fashion must have. Yes this applies even if your pants fit perfectly. A belt has multiple uses. Belts add character and contrast to outfits. Also belts can be styled several different ways. Belts come in an array of colors and styles.I personally Think belts play an important role in an outfit. I believe belts are not just for fitting adjustments. I believe they are equally important in decorating an outfit.They give off a fun flare and can dress up or down our outfits.

One of the most versatile belt is the soft leather tie belt. This belt can be used for a dress, sweater, even use to extenuate the waist.This leather tie can be bowed, twisted or straight tied. A chain belt is elegant and classy. Here are a few ways to style different types of belt, Skinny belts: are ideal for adding a sophisticated, elegant feel to a suit or a pair of slacks Belts in simple lines and styles are perfect, for adding a little to an out fit. Solid colors (solid blue, solid red, etc.)Neutrals (such as black, brown, beige, white, etc.)simple belts in solid colors and with minimal embellishments. This belts will not take away form an outfit.

A belt can turn a plain outfit into, new fun outfit. When trying to put an out fit together first look for a belt, and find a great shoe or handbag that will match great together. Belts can be styled several different ways. To Create a Fashion Statement simply pair a plain, basic dress, and bring attention to your waist with a statement belt. Create a Trendy, Layered Look This can be a practical way to wear a belt (other than holding your pants up) which can also create a trendy, layered look that really nips the waist! Simply wrap a skinny belt around an open cardigan or a slightly too big shirt.

I absolutely love the braided belt, paired with the floral dress. The belt matched with the wedges. This is great because matching the belt with shoes is a perfect way to land a fabulous outfit. The entire outfit can be purchased at The belt is just $12.99
Leather Belt + Loose-Fit Dress—Not everything has to sit high at your waist. Wear your belt loose and slung around your hips to give a shapeless dress an interesting, ’70s silhouette.
Image via Pixiemarket; Madewell Missing PIeces Belt, $48, available at Madewell; Cynthia Rowley Leather Belt, $50, available at Cynthia Rowley. Shiny Belt + Layered Cardigans—It’s hard not to look boxy in thick, textured cardigans and shirts. But if you cinch your waist with an eye-grabbing, skinny belt in a patent or bright color, you can keep from looking like a soup can.
Image via Net-a-Porter; Zara Leather Belt, $39.90, available at select Zara stores; J.Crew Pin-Slim Patent Belt, $29.50, available at J.Crew.

Embellished Belt + Patterned Skirt—If your floaty skirt’s got a busy pattern, accentuate the chaos with an embellished belt. Not only does it keep the skirt in place, but it also gets in on the print-on-print trend without overwhelming the body.
Above, clockwise from left: Image via Free People; Zara Braided Belt, $29.90, available at select Zara stores; Topshop Black Studded Belt, $55, available at Topshop.

Knotted, Skinny Belt + Trousers—To take the “Business Casual” out of structured trousers, we usually favor a long, skinny belt to notch and then loop around itself. Image via Zara; BP Skinny Woven Belt, $10, available at Nordstrom; J.Crew Notched Skinny Belt, $32.50, available at J.Crew.


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