All about the Jazz Age

The corset wasn’t the only change in Flapper Fashion. Young women chopped off their traditionally long hair and died it jet black. They wore short, modern “bobs” or “shingle” cuts. Their hem lengths were chopped off too. Flappers wore dresses just below the knee and exposed their legs for the first time ever. These baggy dresses were sleeveless and had modern waist lines that rested on the hips.

Flappers were vibrant and youthful. They wore bright rouge, lipstick, and thick eye makeup. Because of this, their style is often misunderstood as being hot and sexy, when in fact, they they had a very boyish look. They even wrapped tight strips of cloth around their chest in order to flatten it and appear younger. The cover of Vogue magazine is completing inspired by the Great Gatsby character Daisy Buchanan. I read the novel and loved it. The novel defines the Jazz Age.I recommend this novel to anyone who wants to learn about the Jazz Age and the flapper fashions. The highly anticipated Baz Luhrmann film shows in theaters in May. I am totally excited to watch this film to.I recently read an article in Vogue magazine talking about the Flapper fashions. “Gasbys girl”Carey MulliganWore a silver head piece created by Julien D’YS and Lorraine Schwartz earrings.

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