May Products


20130512-165847.jpgI love this month’s bag. I am pleased with all of the products I received. I love that they are usually non-toxic, organic products, and it forces me to try products in shades that I might not have otherwise tried. I love the May glam bag!! I got the zoya nail polish in BLU the yaby concealer in buff, the juicy lip gloss in fig,the vanilla island roll on purfume and the pacifica body butter in coconut crushed pearl!!! the whole bag comes to 47$ total if you bought each item individuality. great job ipsy!!! I recommend the Ipsy glam bag to all people trying to find out about new products. I love that the bag only cost $10 but the samples last me for good amount of time! I also love the little cute bags that all of the products come in. Trust me these little bag come in handy. I personally use these bags for holding my hair pins or anything else even a pencil case.

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