Empowering Message from Selita Ebanks

Hello Everyone, Today My Uncle Bill did a photo shoot with the beautiful Selita Ebanks (Victorias secret model). She’s a mixed chick like me. I told him to tell her that she’s gorgeous, and mixed chicks rock. He did, and she sent me a lovely and empowering video. She agreed that mixed chicks do rock, and she said , “you are an individual, and no one can be Ashley, you own it girl and you rule the world!” Unfortunately I can not put the video on my blog. The video is on my Tumblr. The link below will take you to my Tumblr. http://stylishperfectionblog.tumblr.com/post/54070534161/hello-everyone-today-my-uncle-bill-did-a-photo xxAshley



Instagram Photo Round Up

Hello Everyone, How’s your summer going? I will post more Outfits Of the Day, since Summer has officially started. Here’s photos that I picked from my Instagram account. Follow the StylishPerfectionblog Instagram. My Instagram name: @stylishperfection or, use the link below . It will take you to my profile. You can follow, and like my pictures. Leave a comment, with your Instagram name. I will definitely check your account out! http://instagram.com/stylishperfection. xx Ashley 20130626-032938.jpg20130626-033002.jpg20130626-033027.jpg20130626-033047.jpg20130626-033106.jpg20130626-033437.jpg20130626-033455.jpg20130626-033510.jpg20130626-033525.jpg20130626-033600.jpg

Some of my favorite Summer items

Hello Everyone, here’s some of my favorite Summer Items. DSC_0014
I absolutely love my Raybans for summer. These sades go perfect with every outfit.

I love my apple print shorts form J.crew.These shorts are cute, and perfect for a summer picnic, or barbeque.DSC_0034
I think everyone should have a pair of white shorts in their summer wardrobe. White shorts can be paired with anything. xxAshley

DIY Project (bow bottoms)

Hello Everyone, so I started another DIY project. I took an old pair of jeans,and cut them into shorts. With the excess part of the jeans I made bows, and glued them to the back pocket on the jeans. Step 1: cut the jeans to whatever length suitable for you. Step 2: with the excess part of the jeans cut into a square shape. Step 3: fold the square in half, and pinch in the middle creating the bow shape. 4. Cut a skinny strip for the middle part of the bow. 5. Lastly glue the bow onto to the back pocket. ** Tip I used hot glue, but fabric glue will work better. Comment below or post pictures if you try the DIY project. xxAshley 20130623-231646.jpg

My 11 favorite Apps


Hello Everyone,

Here is a list of my favorite apps. These apps listed, I use everyday!! Tell me your favorite apps, and leave a link to your profile and I will check it out!!

1. WordPress: is the platform for my blog!The app version is as great as the web version. The app version is a most for blogging on the go.

2. Instagram: this my favorite app because you can post cool pictures. Follow me at  http://instagram.com/stylishperfection

3. Twitter is fun, I follow almost everyone in the fashion industryhttps://twitter.com/styleperfecto

4.Bloglovin:  you can download app and follow me. I connected my blog with bloglovin so that fellow blogger can follow me even if they do not have a WordPress bloghttp://www.bloglovin.com/blog/6838209

5.Tumblr: if you have the app you can follow me on tumblr http://www.tumblr.com/blog/stylishperfectionblog

6.Styletag: I use this app for more fashion inspiration.

7. Trendabl I like to call the fashion Instagram. Trendabl is the #1 app to share , discover and shop fashion.

8. Wanelo: The best way to shop. Wanelo gives an endless stream of products online. All of the products posted come from the everyday people like us. You can buy what you want or save your favorite products on your profile for later. If you have an account you can follow me @missashley07

9. Lookbook: I use this app for everyday fashion inspiration.

10. Pintrest: http://pinterest.com/stylebyashley/boards/

11.Pandora: I love Pandora because, it only plays music that I love.

xx Ashley

Outfit of the Day

Hello Everyone, first off I would like to say congratulations to all the graduates! Today I will be attending a graduation party! The outfit that I am wearing is a cute summer look! As much as I like heels, I decided to keep it nice and comfy! I am wearing a print dress with a belt. I love dresses with belts, because, belts help extenuate the waist. The dress I purchased at Charlotte Russe, the sandals I had for a couple years and the purse is from RTH a leather shop in LA. I love this look for a grad party, because its fashionable and I will be able to dance without a problem. xxAshley 20130615-112512.jpg20130615-152752.jpg