Empowering Message from Selita Ebanks

Hello Everyone, Today My Uncle Bill did a photo shoot with the beautiful Selita Ebanks (Victorias secret model). She’s a mixed chick like me. I told him to tell her that she’s gorgeous, and mixed chicks rock. He did, and she sent me a lovely and empowering video. She agreed that mixed chicks do rock, and she said , “you are an individual, and no one can be Ashley, you own it girl and you rule the world!” Unfortunately I can not put the video on my blog. The video is on my Tumblr. The link below will take you to my Tumblr. http://stylishperfectionblog.tumblr.com/post/54070534161/hello-everyone-today-my-uncle-bill-did-a-photo xxAshley



One thought on “Empowering Message from Selita Ebanks

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