Nicōle by O.P.I Freebie

Hello Everyone, today I revived three free Nicōle O.P.I nail polishes courtesy of Kellogg’s family rewards. My grandparents collected eight codes located on the back of a Kellogg’s cereal boxes! Show off your confidence with color!Enter codes found inside specially marked Special K® products to earn the most colorful rewards-Nicole by OPI nail polish in the exclusive Special K® colors. You must be a registered member of Kellogg’s Family Rewards® (KFR) program, you must redeem codes from specially marked Special K® products.Here’s the requirements “3 codes=1 bottle of Challenge Red-Y nail polish from Nicole by OPI. 8 codes=a three-pack of nail polish from Nicole by OPI. xxAshley 20130711-151424.jpg20130711-151518.jpg The color is CHALLENGERED-Y 20130711-152055.jpgThe color is PROS&CONFIDENCE

20130711-153218.jpgThe last color is BE AMA-ZING


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