Outfit of the Day

The top and bottoms, I purchased from J.crew the shoes I had for many years. The belt I purchased at Old Navy. 20130710-184439.jpg20130710-184506.jpg20130710-184532.jpg20130710-184548.jpg20130710-184603.jpg20130710-184622.jpg<img



Instagram Photo Round Up

Hello Everyone, How’s your summer going? I will post more Outfits Of the Day, since Summer has officially started. Here’s photos that I picked from my Instagram account. Follow the StylishPerfectionblog Instagram. My Instagram name: @stylishperfection or, use the link below . It will take you to my profile. You can follow, and like my pictures. Leave a comment, with your Instagram name. I will definitely check your account out! http://instagram.com/stylishperfection. xx Ashley 20130626-032938.jpg20130626-033002.jpg20130626-033027.jpg20130626-033047.jpg20130626-033106.jpg20130626-033437.jpg20130626-033455.jpg20130626-033510.jpg20130626-033525.jpg20130626-033600.jpg