Ear Cuff Trend

Hey dolls,

Hello to the ear cuff!Take a seat regular old earrings. The most worn accessory for the ear is the ear cuff. Celebs are rocking the trend all over even on the red carpet. Celebs like Jennifer Lawrence and Rita Ora are rocking rocking the edgier ear candy.  Putt away the their standard studs or drops for an extra splash of style.Just stick to one ear cuff—unlike regular earrings, the look is meant to be unproportionate. Then be sure to show it off by pulling one side of your hair back into a half-up do or rocking a side part. This trend is popping up all over the red carpet. I love this trend I cannot wait to rock it ! I will rock the bulky version of the ear cuff like the celebs, with my curly hair, pulled to the side with a cute dress or skater skirt and and turtle neck. An always remember to keep jewelery simple to let the cuff do all of the talking.

What do you think of this trend? Would you rock an ear cuff or are you leaving this one to the celebs? Vocie your opinion in the comments!

Photo Credit  http://www.seventeen.com/fashion/blog/ear-cuff-trend?src=spr_FBPAGE&spr_id=1442_32721302



Curly hair Guide

Rules to Follow
1. Keep hair in good health with regular trims and weekly deep-therapy treatments.

2. The best way to style your curls is to divide your hair into at least five sections. Then, apply styling products through curls, section by section, with your fingers. Use a quarter-size amount of your lotion, gel, or mousse according to your curl type.

3. Let your hair air-dry or use a diffuser after applying styling products.

4. Use a finishing pomade or serum to hold the style and boost shine. *Choosing the Right Products
Hair masques are a great way to restore nutrients to your hair. They should be used weekly to hydrate your strands and leave them soft and manageable.Use gels if you have tighter curls and want extra hold. You can also combine them with lotions when it’s super-humid outside to keep curls frizz-free.If you have wavy to loose curls, mousse is your best bet. Serums, pomades, and pastes help keep flyaways in place on dry hair.
Curling creams, such as Curlisto Repair Styling Cream, condition hair when used as leave-in treatments. Use them alone or with other styling products, but note that they have a firmer hold when combined with gels and mousses. *The Trick to Using a Diffuser
When using a diffuser, you want to tilt your head upside down to allow the curls to hang away from the scalp, or lift them up from underneath like the image on the left shows. Dry the hair eighty to ninety percent, then let the remainder air dry for a long-lasting style. Also, don’t keep the diffuser in one spot—circulate it around your whole head so your hair dries evenly. *Don’t Make This Mistake
The biggest mistake curly-haired girls make is not apply styling product section-by-section. Your hair should be fairly wet when applying products, because curly hair is like a sponge. If you don’t section the hair when applying your products the hair doesn’t fully absorb them, leaving some strands dry, which will create frizz and less definition of the curl. You should also visit a salon that specializes in curly hair and avoid getting a regular, layered cut since that shape will give you the Christmas tree look. The facts and article can be found on seventeen magazine. http://svn.tn/6014ks52

Rocking the Curls

Hello Everyone, It’s summer and I am saying goodbye to the heat! I am going to rock my natural curly hair all Summer. I have grown to love my curly locks! I want to tell all of you, to rock your natural hair. I believe that all natural hair is beautiful. A tip for my fellow curly hair sisters, at night I wash and condition my hair, after that I part my hair into four sections and than braid it. Some of my favorite celebs rock the natural look for example Solange Knowles, Tracee ellis ross, and Elle Varner. xxAshley. 20130613-222225.jpg here is a picture of me and my curly locks. 20130613-224415.jpg20130613-224427.jpg20130613-224711.jpg

Favorite Hair Products

Hello Everyone,

Here are just a few of my favorite hair products for naturally curly hair. Carols daughters is on the expensive side, but I think it’s totally worth it. The smell of the Carols daughters is amazing and really controls the frizz. Mixed chicks I love a lot. I was excited, when this product showed up in the target stores, and others drugstores. I personally love the way this product makes my curls feel. This brand is not just for the ladies, there is one for the fellows called “his mix”. Shea butter is an inexpensive product that makes my hair smell and feel good. I would recommend all these products to my mixed chicks or even to people with curly or wavy hair, that want to contain the frizz.

xx Ashley